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Win a Diamond!

Your girls night out keeps getting better! Sipping on a $10 cocktail, watching the sun set over the Tauranga Harbour, with a chance to win a beautiful jewel - it's a pretty great Friday night situation. Peet Jewellers have generously supplied the diamond, and have such a beautiful range in store. We're pretty excited to see what the winner chooses to create.Join us from 8.30-10pm, right after Ladies Hour (you'll want to be here for that too, we have a pretty fun surprise for you).Check out ...

October 11, 2018

Summer Cocktails

The days are longer and nights are warmer - it's the season to pop your heels on and enjoy a good cocktail or two.If you've been spending Friday nights hopping around Tauranga in search of a wonderful cocktail, then we've got a few more to add to your list....

October 8, 2018

Build Your Own Vegan Pizzas

One, two, three, four - choose the toppings you love more. We've just launched a new pizza menu, with the option of building your own vegan pizza! Peruse the list and and pick your favourite four ingredients to create your own flavour. We're talking roasted red peppers, coriander, caramelised onion, mushrooms, cashews... the dream continues. You won't miss out on the stretchy wonder of pizza's famous ingredient either - all vegan pizzas are served with dairy-free cheese and homemade to...

August 30, 2018

Warm the Body & Soul

If winter has a redeeming factor, it's definitely mulled wine. My first experience of this sweet satisfaction was in the mountains of north Italy - it was pitch black and utterly cold when we wandered into the local bar and were served with mugs of the stuff. Love at first sight. Fast-forward to Tauranga in 2018 with it's fair share of crisp evenings, and mulled wine is still as good for the soul as ever. The sweet aroma of cinnamon and red wine is a gift from above! Pop into Brooklyn ...

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